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Spirit Day 9-2-20

MS/HS Spirit Day

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Assignment:  Watch the following tutorial video (click on the link below) and then record yourself performing 12 seconds of the activity.  Send the video to one of your teachers for a participation grade worth 100 points.  If you are unable to record yourself performing the dance, then show-up to the HS Office parking lot and your Principal will view your dance.  This grade will count for every class you have on Wednesday except HS Math.  HS Math will continue as normally, so login and complete your assignments.

Enjoy this fun activity and celebrate being a Floyd Bronco. 

  • Have fun
  • Be creative – record with school appropriate music and costume (optional)
  • Show your skills
  • Learn something new
  • If you submit a 12-second video of yourself performing the dance you will get full credit ---it does not matter if your teachers can dance better than you can, you still get full credit. laugh

We cannot wait to resume school “normally”.  We miss you and we hope you enjoy this fun activity.